Folk costumes

Both the men's and women's folk costume have a long tradition in the Sveta Nedelja area, with a number of specificities. The costume is attractive and ornamented, particularly the upper part, with red as the dominant colour. It is sewn from course cloth, from the hemp and linen that were once widely grown here. Right up until the 1960s, weavers would weave on their looms here, and today these looms can be seen in the museum collections or at demonstrations at public festivities.

Women's folk costume

The most important parts of the women's folk costume were the blouse, skirt and apron. The blouse is made of a somewhat longer front piece and somewhat shorter back piece, with long sleeves, with folds at the wrist and a smooth collar piece. The skirt was often sown to the vest. The vest was sown in a trapezoidal shape, with a small triangular cut out on the back and connected to the shoulder straps
with string. On the front side, the vest was open in the middle. The skirt was usually without special decoration, and comprised of smooth fabric in the front and with tight folds on the back side. The front side was open near the top. The apron was comprised of two pieces of fabric joined at the waist, with tight folds and connected to the collar piece.

A specificity, and perhaps the most valuable part of the Sveta Nedelja folk costume was the elaborate female necklace, called the kraluš (or kraluž). This appeared in the early 19th century, and girls and women wore the kraluš only on formal occasions. It was worn against the neck on a collar, usually made of white folded lace, with various colourful ornaments. Small glass or coral beads on 8 strings or strands of horse hair, in recent times with plastic beads, created complex ornaments. The Kraluš was most often red, but also could be in the tricolours (red, white, blue). The kraluš was tied around the woman's neck with a red satin ribbon.
Men's folk costume
The main parts of the men's folk costume were the blouse and the pants. The white pants were sown from coarse cloth, and were usually ankle length. The blouse was a shirt worn over the pants.