Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti Rimac is a Croatian company for the production of electric vehicles, drive systems and battery systems.

The company is known for producing the fastest electric car NEVERA. A strong focus on in-house product development and long-term results means that most engineers work on in-house product development. The company's entire operations are dedicated to pushing the limits of technological possibilities in the segment of electric cars and technologies. As part of the car development itself, Bugatti Rimac develops a large number of systems, components and technologies that will find their application and market with other car manufacturers. The company is currently developing a new generation of engines, inverters, battery systems, transmission systems and infotainment.

The automobile company Bugatti Rimac, founded in 2009 in Sveta Nedelja, grew out of the garage hobby of its founder, Mate Rimac. The company's primary goal was to build the world's first electric sports car.

In Sveta Nedelja, next to Kerestinec castle, the Rimac Campus is under construction, one of the largest economic investments in Croatia, worth 200 million euros. It is one of the largest research and development and production complexes in Europe, not only in the automotive industry but also in creative industries.

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