Rally Show Santa Domenica

An automobile race traditionally held in November. About 100 crews, with 20 wild card entries, of the top names in the rally racing world, are a guarantee for an attractive race and good fun for spectators.


The automobile race, organised by the Sveta Nedelja Auto Karting Club Sveta Nedelja is traditionally held in November.

This is the largest and most popular rally show event in this part of Europe. It is particularly loved by drivers, though visitors also love it because it is easy to watch and enjoy the phenomenal driving thanks to the ideal location.


To the joy of so many who love speed and octane, the Croatian rally season has been crowned by the Rally Show Santa Domenica for the seventh year in a row. We are enthusiasts from one of the youngest Croatian auto clubs, AKK Sveta Nedelja. We took matters into our own hands and in 2010, organised a true winter gravel race. We won over both drivers and the public quickly, for so many reasons. This adrenaline show is financially more accessible than other rally competitions.


Rally Show Santa Domenica can boast of having low costs, which attracts both experienced drivers, and new crews wanting to try out the rally world.


A hundred crews, with 20 special wild card entries, of the top names in the rally world are a guarantee for an attractive race and a good time for spectators. All drivers, experienced or not, can look forward to sweaty palms, laughter, tears, mud and sometimes even snow.


More than 100 competitive teams participate in the Rally Show Santa Domenica, from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and Serbia.


For more information: https://rallysantadomenica.com/en/