Domenikana - summer in Sveta Nedelja

Manifestations of the - summer in Sveta Nedeja takes place from June to September with various events and activities.


Domenikana - summer in Sveta Nedelja

Manifestations of the - summer in Sveta Nedeja takes place from June to September with various events and activities.

Domenikana - summer in Sveta Nedelja unites under the common name all sports and entertainment cultural program activities and events for all ages that are organized by numerous Sveta Nedelja associations in order to beautify and provide attractive contents during the summer months in our city to their fellow citizens and all visitors. We started the Domenikana in 2021 at the initiative of the City, the Tourist and Cultural Association.

Programs of the Domenikana - summer in Sveta Nedelja


Festival of love poetry, music, honey and wine

The festival takes place on Ante Starčević Square in June, and is organized by the Matica Hrvatska Branch in Sveta Nedelja. Warm weather and numerous visitors make it possible for the festival to take place every year in a happy atmosphere with lots of good atmosphere, music and a few glasses of wine.


A day with the firefighters

A day with firefighters and first aid is held at Lake Kipišće. The Fire Brigade of the City of Sveta Nedelja and the Red Cross of Samobor have an organized program for the youngest visitors in which visitors have the opportunity to learn something new. From getting to know the Sveta Nedelja firefighters who presented them with firefighting equipment, fire trucks, training grounds for the youngest, fire drills and attractive boat rides on the lake. Red Cross Samobor presents ways of providing first aid, how to repair injuries, how to act in case of sunstroke and how to act in case of heatstroke.


Paradajz from Paradise

The gastronomic event Paradajz from Paradise takes place in June by the fairy-tale lake Kipišće and gathers a large number of visitors every year. The theme of the event is the Sveta Nedelja paradise tomato, which is considered one of the best types of tomatoes in the world. The Nekić brothers, who created their brand Nekić trucks, are in charge of the gastronomic offer. They are best known for making burgers and making tomato cocktails. In addition, an entertainment program is organized in which visitors are entertained by various performers, and for the youngest is organized an art workshop.


Hoopfest - basketball tournament in Sveta Nedelja

The basketball tournament takes place at Trg Lipa (outdoor playground in Orešje) in the month of July. Both children and adults can participate in the basketball tournament. There is a children's tournament, an amateur tournament, a tournament for semi-professional and professional teams. In addition to the tournament, a rich entertainment-educational program for children, graffiti workshops, hip-hop music, dancing, socializing and gastronomic offer is organized for players and visitors.


Cinema under the stars

Cinema under the stars takes place in Brezje Park. A summer atmosphere, a big movie screen and good company is all that is needed to make this event complete. Visitors have the opportunity to spend the weekend with outdoor film screenings, and admission is free for all.


Family party

It takes place on Ante Starčevića Square in the month of June. An interesting entertainment program has been prepared for families, which both adults and children can enjoy. In addition to the show program for the whole family, the party continues with a DJ.


International Review of Folklore

The International Folklore Fair is held in Sveta Nedelja on Kipišće in the month of July. Every year, it gathers numerous folklore groups from various parts of the world who come with the aim of presenting their culture and customs. Groups from Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Macedonia, Paraguay and the USA, as well as local folklore societies, perform. During the evening, the promotion of domestic products and souvenirs of Sveta Nedelja takes place.


When is that Friday?

The answer to this question is simple. That Friday is traditionally part of our Domenikana – summer in Sveta Nedelja, and we all can't wait for it. The big retro 90' dance party held outdoors on Ante Starčević Square always gets people of all ages dancing. With an excellent DJ, a lighted dance floor and props, our center turns into a real disco club for one day.


BBQ weekend

The BBQ weekend, which takes place in Park Kipišće, in the month of August, is a unique gastronomic event where grilled dishes are prepared. The idea to create this event came from the Nekić brothers, who dedicated themselves to preparing food on the fire. The specialty is pork dishes combined with various vegetables and sauces. In addition to the rich gastronomic offer, visitors can also enjoy an entertaining program, and a workshop is organized for the youngest.


Fish festival in Sveta Nedelja

Fish festival in Sveta Nedelja, which takes place in September, is a traditional culinary and touristic event and competition in the preparation of fish on Lake Rakitje. A special attraction of the fish festival is the cooking of fish in the largest cauldron in Croatia of 600 liters. The teams that prepare fish come from all over Croatia, and the 23rd Sveta Nedelja fish festival, which took place in 2023, had the largest number of competing teams so far. During the program, the presentation and sale of domestic products and handicrafts is held. In addition to the free fish tasting, visitors also enjoy a rich entertainment program.


FotOOko - Day of photography

FotOOko is the Day of Photography in Sveta Nedelja, and at the same time the most anticipated photography event of the year. Then all visitors, amateurs and professional photographers have the opportunity to discover something new in the world of photography.


As part of the sports program throughout the summer, fellow citizens can enjoy swimming, handball, athletics, football, table tennis, basketball, karate, sport fishing, boot camp activities for children and adults, cycling, and recreational walks on the Svetondeljski hill.

Organizers: City of Sveta Nedelja, Tourist Board of the City of Sveta Nedelja, Cultural Association of the City of Sveta Nedelja, Svenkom d.o.o.

Co-organizers: Cultural Association of the City of Sveta Nedelja, Sports Association of the City of Sveta Nedelja, Fire Brigade of the City of Sveta Nedelja, Matica Hrvatska Branch in Sveta Nedelja, Coordination Committee of the Child-Friendly City, Chameleon Sveta Nedelja Association, Local Committees.

You can follow all news announcements on the Facebook page of Domenikana, the Tourist Board of the City of Sveta Nedelja, and the City of Sveta Nedelja.