Santa Domenica Spartan Trifecta Weekend 2024

SPARTAN is a world-famous obstacle race that took place in Croatia for the first time in 2023. Sveta Nedelja had the honor of organizing the race right here, in our city. The race took place on Lake Orešju and partly on the Sava River.


More than 1,500 competitors from around 20 countries took part in the race. The challenging course, high summer temperatures and numerous obstacles did not break the sporting spirit of the Spartans who took part in the race.

The race took place in 2 days. On the first day, the BEAST race was run, in which competitors must run 21 km and pass 30 obstacles. On the second day, there was a SUPER race of 10 km with 25 obstacles and a SPRINT race of 5 km and 20 obstacles. There was also a KIDS race in which children participated. The bravest could take on the ultimate challenge and choose a weekend Trifecta pass and conquer all 3 races in one weekend.

Some of the obstacles that the contestants had to overcome were: climbing a rope, climbing a net, crawling under barbed wire, throwing a spear, and at the very end, the contestants had to jump over fire to successfully complete the race.

! On July 20 and 21, 2024, Sveta Nedelja will once again host this great sports event and put Croatia on the map of the 37 countries in the world that organize the Spartan Race!

Join the Spartan race in Croatia again as a competitor and challenge yourself mentally and physically on a field full of obstacles or as a volunteer and help organize the most extreme race in Croatia.


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