Erdödy castle, Kerestinec

The Erdody castle in Kerestinac is a Renaissance/Baroque castle constructed by the counts of the Erdody family.

Constructed by the Erdody family in Kerestinec. It is a 1st category monument. Its construction began in 1576, and it was rebuilt in the 18th and 19th centuries, and fully refurnished in the early 20th century. It is a two-story structure with a square layout and cylindrical corner towers and open arcades in the courtyard. This is a Renaissance castle with fortified elements.
Historical sources record the participation of the Kerestinec peasants, living around the castle, in the great Peasant's Revolt of 1573. The castle was also the site of the Kerestinec Revolt of 1936.
Prior to World War II, the castle served as a concentration camp, and after the war, it housed the military. Today it is still awaiting a new purpose.
A series of events are held in the castle throughout the year.