Stroll type: Adrenaline adventures

Family day or children's birthday party celebration at the Sveta Nedelja Adrenaline Centre

If you are looking for an active birthday party for your youngsters, with a whole lot of running around and adrenaline, then the Sveta Nedelja Adrenaline Centre in Jagnjić Dol is the perfect choice for you.

The Adrenaline Centre in Sveta Nedelja will be sure to design a birthday programme for your child that is sure to become a special memory for you and your child.
Paintball birthday programmes are held in the fields out in the open space, and all equipment and rules are adapted to the age of the participants.
Children are under constant supervision of our instructors and are completely safe, they receive complete protective equipment - paintball mask, paintball suit (paintball paints, jumpsuit or jacket), protective vest, cap and gloves. After each use, the equipment is washed and disinfected, so children always receive clean equipment.
No need for parents to leave the birthday, they can enjoy some of the other fun we offer: try your hand at archery, the hanging bowling alley, mini golf on the terrace, or rent the space and prepare a barbeque for the other parents to enjoy.
What do your birthdays look like?

- birthday programmes adapted for all age groups,
- space with the possibility of catering, organised by us, or bring your own food and drink ,
- professional supervision and animation for children, with fun and interesting games.

MINI PAINTBALL - paintball for children age 8 and over - mechanical markers that that fire paint balls with a spring (low speeds and short range), without the possibility of injury.

The centre has a large parking lot.
The Adrenaline Centre works year round, summer and winter.

For information and to make reservations:
Sveta Nedelja Adrenaline Centre
Ivanska 23, Jagnjić Dol
10431 Sveta Nedelja
Tel: +385 (1) 3323 601
Mob: +385 (91) 5183 801