Rakitje Lake

The largest carp caught in the freshwater lakes of Croatia in 2012 was caught here in Rakitje, on Finzula Lake, and weighed 31.50 kg. It was the proud catch of a member of the Rak fishing society in Rakitje.

The Rak Rakitje sports fishing society manages the lakes in Rakitje. The total surface area of all lakes is about 220 hectares, and includes the lakes: Finzula, Votok, Juš and Nadolez.
The lakes are inhabited by many species of freshwater cyprinid fishes, particularly carp, grass carp, pike, pike-perch and catfish. The fishing guard service and municipal guards supervise the lakes.
The fishing system at JUŠ Lake is "catch and release" and this applies to all fish caught, regardless of size.
On the remaining lakes, the release of carp, pike and pike-perch over 5 kg and grass carp over 7 kg is mandatory. Several international carp fishing tournaments are held at these lakes during the year, as well as several line and sinker competition. The largest fish ever caught here were: carp 31.5 kg, grass carp 29.5 kg, pike 12.6 kg, pike-perch 9.0 kg, catfish 74.0 kg.
In addition to fishing, the lakeshore is ideal for recreation, bike rides, walks and family outings.
Annual permits HRK 400.
Day permit HRK 60.

Working hours of the permit office in the fishing lodge:
from 8 Jan - 31 Mar, Tues and Thurs from 5 to 7 pm; after 1 Apr, an announcement of the work hours will be released.

Rak Rakitje sports fishing society
Ribička ulica 6, Rakitje
10 437 Bestovje
Tel./Fax. +385 (1) 3336 360

President: Božo Mihina +385 (98) 617 556

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