Sava-Strmec ornithological reserve

Get to know the Sava-Strmec ornithological reserve, found just off the main Strmec Lake.

The Strmec water supply district along the Sava River was proclaimed an ornithological reserve in 1971.
It covers an area of 287 ha. This area on the left and right banks of the Sava River, west of Posused, is a unique habitat for numerous bird species, and has dense thickets of willows, poplars, ash and thick low-lying vegetation, with numerous backwaters, meanders and sleeves, sand and gravel spits, and wetland meadows.
This area is a particularly important gathering site for certain significant and rare bird species, such as: Eurasian hobby, little ringed plover, green sandpiper, Eurasian stone curlew, kingfisher, beeater, hoopoe, European penduline tit, nightingale and barred warbler. The nesting of a rare bird species, European penduline tit (Remiz pendulinus), is particularly important at on the European scale.

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